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Hawaii Radio
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Hawaii Television Stations

Early History of Hawaii Radio

The first radio programming in Hawaii was in October of 1920. The audience was very small, in fact it was heard in only one home, alerted to the transmission in advance. 

The first commercial radio stations were KGU and KDYX. On May 11 of 1922, these two commercial stations came alive. Governor Farrington greeted the first audience. These enterprises grew. By 1929, radio stations were using newly a newly developed recording medium, much like a phonograph record, to prepare and present music and voice. That same year, President Hoover's inaugural address was received in Hawaii and retransmitted by Hawaii Radio station KGU. 

It did not take long for radios to begin appearing in cars. People, both at home and in their cars could enjoy sports and news  from the mainland and broadcasted by Hawaii radio stations through affilliations with CBS and NBC.

Oahu FM Radio Stations

Frequency Call Letters Type of Programming Hawaii Activity Details
88.1 National Public Radio)                      Listen NOW!
National Public Radio + BBC          Listen NOW!

Detailed Hawaii Activity Details

U of H - Jazz, Hawaiian, alternative, rock, rap, 
world music - Also on 89.9 and 91.3 FM
                                                       Listen NOW!
Alternative Christian Music
"The Effect" (KEFX FM from Twin FallsIdaho)                                     
Listen NOW!
Adult Contemporary Music; Perry & Price Morning Show                                            
"The Zone" Contemporary Hits        Listen NOW! 
"Hot I-93.9 FM" Urban Contemporary Hits
"Honolulu's Lite Rock" Adult Contemporary Music 
/ Lite Rock                                      Listen NOW! 
95.5 "The Fish" - Contemporary Christian Music                                              Listen NOW! 
96.3 "Hawaii Inside"                                Listen NOW!
Country music                                  Listen NOW!
"Island Rhythm 98.5" (Island Music) Listen NOW!
"Hawii's Christian talk                       Listen NOW!
FM 100: Island Music & Reggae      Listen NOW!
Smooth Jazz                                     Listen NOW!
"Star 101.9": Modern Rock Hits       Listen NOW!
"Da Bomb" (Urban Contemporary Hits)
 Listen NOW!
"Air 1 Radio" - The Positive Alternative (Christian Rock)                                              Listen NOW!
"Power 104.3" Hawaii's Hip Hop and R&B hits 
                                                       Listen NOW!
104.7 Adult Contemporary                        Listen NOW!
KINE-FM Adult Contemporary                        Listen NOW!
105.9 KPOI
"The Big Kahuna" Classic Rock       Listen NOW!
Kool classic Hits                              Listen NOW!

Oahu AM Radio Stations

Frequency Call Letters Type of Programming
590 KSSK Adult Contemporary Music, Perry & Price
Morning Show, News & Traffic
          Listen NOW!
650 KRTR Easy Listening Favorites
690 KHNR

Hawaii's Intelligent Talk                     Listen NOW!

760 KGU Money Radio                                       Listen NOW!
830 KHVH News Radio Honolulu                          Listen NOW!, 
940 KKNE AM 940: Traditional Hawaiian Music    Listen NOW!
990 KIKI Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Jerry Doyle, 
Kim Komando (Dr. Laura
                    Listen NOW!(l 
1040 KLHT "The Pure Light of Hawaii" (Religious Programming)  Listen NOW!
1180 KORL Hawaii's Local Talk & Multicultural Radio 
1210 KZOO "Hawaii's #1 J-Pop Music Station
 (Japanese Music &Programming)  
1270 KNDI Voices from Around the World
Ilocano, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cantonese,
 Samoan, Tongan     
1420 KKEA      Listen NOW!, E
1500 KUMU Air America
1540 KREA Korean Programming
1610 WQAG957 Hawaii Convention Center                 Listen NOW

Big Island FM Radio Stations

Frequency Call Letters Type of Programming
91.1 KANO Classical Music News (HI Public Radio)            
91.7 KAHU Radio the way you like it            Listen NOW!
91.9 K220EO (LP) Religious Programming               from Moody Radio
92.7 KHWI Adult Contemporary Music        
94.7 KWXX Island Contemporary Hits           Listen NOW!
95.9 KPVS Native FM  Hawaiian Music       Listen NOW!
97.1 KNWB  Hawaii's Classic Hits (Classic Rock)                                                       Listen NOW!
97.9 KKBG "Hawaii's Big Hits" (CHR)          Listen NOW!
100.3 KAPA Home of Hawaii's Music            Listen NOW!
101.5 KAOY Island Contemporary Hits         
102.5 KCOF (LP) Free Form Non-Profit Radio    
103.7 KNUQ Island Contemporary Hits           Listen NOW!
105.3 KBGX Good Time Rock and Roll               Listen NOW!
105.5 KRTR Adult Contemporary Hits           
106.1 KLEO "Hawaii's Big Hits" (Contemporary Hit Music - 
simulcasting KKBG FM 
107.7 KKOA "Best Country Around               Listen NOW!"

Big Island AM Radio Stations

Frequency Call Letters Type of Programming
620 KHNU " - adult standards                  
670 KPUA Timeless Classicsws,Talk: Rush Limbaugh, Coast to Coast AM, others    
850 KHLO Sports Talk                          
1060 KHBC Hilo's original radio station      
1640 KURH (LP) University of Hawaii at Hilo Radio (free form - limited coverage area            

Maui FM Radio Stations

Frequency Call Letters Type of Programming
88.5 KAKU Under Construction (LP)                         Listen NOW!
90.7 KKUA National Public Radio); simulcasts KHPR 88.1 FM from Oahu.                                          
91.5 KEAO "Mana'o Radio": Eclectic /                    . Listen NOW!
92.5 KLHI Native 92.5   Hawaiian Music                Listen NOW!
93.5 KPOA  Island Music                                         Listen  NOW!
94.3 KDLX "Maui's Country" - country music          
95.1 KAOI Adult Contemporary & Hawaiian Music Listen NOW!
98.3 KJMD "Da Jam 98.3 - Hawaii's Real Hits" (Rhythmic CHR, Island, Reggae)                                    Listen NOW!
99.9 KJKS "Kiss FM, Maui's #1 Hit Music Station"             
Hits                               Listen NOW!
101.1 KLHI The Point: Alternative Rock Music      
103.7 KNUQ Q 103.7 The Rhythm of the Islands Jawaiian Music)                                 
104.7 KONI Oldies 60s to 80s                                 Listen NOW!
105.5 KPMW "Wild 105: Hawaii's Party Station" - CHR / Rhythmic Top 40                                                Listen NOW!

Kauai FM Stations

Frequency Call Letters Type of Programming
87.7 KESU Music from Mauka to Makai                    Listen NOW!
88.9 KHJC CSN Satellite Radio Network - Religious 
90.9 KKCR Kauai Community Radio (Music, News) Listen NOW!
91.9 KAQA Kauai Community Radio (Music, News) 
92.7 K224CQ Kauai Community Radio (Music, News) Listen NOW!
93.5 KQNG "KONG Radio" - Contemporary Hits, Island & Country Music                                                     Listen NOW!
95.9 KPVS "The'Da beatSurf 95.9" - Hawaiian & Contemporary Island Music                                         
96.9 KFMN Adult Contemporary Music                   
98.9 KITH "Island Radio 98.9 " 
(Contemporary Island Music)
99.9 KTOH "Oldies Radio, HITS 99.9 FM"            
103.3 KSHK Classic Rock                                       

Kauai AM stations

Frequency Call Letters Type of Programming
570 KQNG News, Sports and Talk                           Listen NOW!
720 KUAI Adult Contemporary, Hawaiian & 
Country Music plus News and Sports

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